Ornaments that endure as lasting reminders of special people and treasured memories.

Why our ornaments are Different


Well crafted wood ornaments with a great selection for everyone. -Sophia

I have several ornaments and the quality is always spot on. My go-to shop for any occasion! -Curtis

We love that the ornaments are all wooden and that there is such a variety in your store! We had been searching for ornaments to add to our tree but had so many of the plastic kind and wanted something different! When my husband and I came across your store, we were so excited to see all the animal themed ones especially! - Sarah

I love seeing photos of your ornament! If you are on social media, please tag my Instagram account, @thelittleornamentshop, or use the hashtag #thelittleornamentshop

A llama ornament from Peru, a turtle ornament from Hawaii, or an ornament with baby footprints from the year I found out I was pregnant; I have always loved collecting Christmas ornaments from my vacations and remembering milestones that happened that year. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is decorating our Christmas tree and remembering the joy and life experiences throughout the years.

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Giving Back

We're proud to donate a portion of every sale to One Tree Planted, an organization that embodies our core brand values of generosity and the enviroment.

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