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Mocking bird Christmas Ornament

Mocking bird Christmas Ornament

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Celebrate the state bird of Texas with this beautiful mockingbird Christmas ornament. Made from high-quality birchwood and laser-cut to perfection, this ornament measures approximately 3" x 2.5" and is 0.35" thick. It comes with a ribbon for hanging, so it's ready to display as soon as you receive it.

Mockingbirds are known for their beautiful singing and their ability to mimic the songs of other birds. They are also a symbol of resilience and hope. This ornament is a perfect gift for anyone who loves mockingbirds, or who simply enjoys unique and stylish Christmas decorations.

Product Details

  • Made from high-quality birchwood
  • Laser-cut to perfection
  • Measures approximately 3" x 2.5" and is 0.35" thick
  • Comes with a ribbon for hanging

Made with love in Texas by The Little Ornament Shop.

Order your mockingbird Christmas ornament today and celebrate the state bird of Texas!

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