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Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bones Christmas Ornament

Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bones Christmas Ornament

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Bring the prehistoric era to your Christmas tree with this amazing brontosaurus dinosaur bone Christmas ornament! Made from high-quality birchwood and laser-cut to perfection, this ornament measures approximately 4" x 3.25" and is 0.35" thick. It comes with a ribbon for hanging, so it's ready to display as soon as you receive it.

This ornament is perfect for anyone who loves dinosaurs, or who simply enjoys unique and eye-catching Christmas decorations. Brontosauruses were some of the largest and most majestic creatures that ever walked the Earth, and this ornament captures their grandeur perfectly.

Product Details

  • Made from high-quality birchwood
  • Laser-cut to perfection
  • Measures approximately 4" x 3.25" and is 0.35" thick
  • Comes with a ribbon for hanging

Made with love in Texas by The Little Ornament Shop.

Order your brontosaurus dinosaur bone Christmas ornament today and add a touch of prehistoric wonder to your holiday décor!

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